Staff All Crazy & Burning Out? Get SAFe – Scaled Agile Framework

I just went through a day of information gathering to see what this SAFe thing was all about and have come away with real, actionable, well balanced knowledge about large scale digital work management. The Scaled Agile Framework is just that, a framework, and like ITIL should only be used as a framework to start crafting a work management system that works for your own situation, but there are concepts and principles that it exposes that are solid, laws of group behavior and that should be obeyed like we obey the laws of gravity; violate at your own peril. These principles are not just relevant to large organizations either. They apply perfectly well to any scale, all the way down to a startup.

Not much time for today’s post or for me to go on and on about how its analysis and recommendations are so very relevant to one particular place I’ve worked, so I’m just going to leave a couple of links for you to follow for your own edification: