Cloud Sprawl – Agility Should Not Be Stupidity

This article cracks me up. I heard recently that the company that I left in 2014 has over 150 separate AWS accounts, all started independently by business divisions in pursuit of agility. I’m sure they’re agile. I’m also sure that they manage to leave tens of millions of dollars on the table because of their adherence to a single principle. While markets expand this works. When the market begins flattening, and it will, companies like that will cave. Their agility will fail them because watching costs is not in their lexicon.

Meanwhile, be ready for the downturns because they are coming. You don’t need to stop your growth or market maximization strategies, but you really should be preparing for leaner times by building good cultural habits in your company now, while you can.

It’s time to regain control of your organization’s cloud buying strategy. The coming of age of on-demand cloud computing has led to a surge in the adoption of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) because both the benefits and economics of cloud computing are so compelling. However, the haphazard way we buy cloud resources creates a new issue around trying to manage cost without compromising on newfound business agility.

Source: The Impact of Cloud Sprawl | Cutter Consortium