Yes, this site is still alive!

I just noticed that my last post was July 15, 2016, and it was a hack post to mess around with a photo gallery. Many things have changed since then, and fortunately many things remain the same.


  • I’m moving all my photos from Flickr to SmugMug. It’s taking a while because I only loaded reduced size copies to Flickr, and for SmugMug I’m loading full sized, print-ready copies. I do that because SmugMug does not let folks access the full sized copy directly, and only uses those for print orders. By default it will only present 1.3 Mpixel views through http. Flickr had very flakey control over what folks could access and it was too easy to make lazy mistakes. Also, SmugMug doesn’t insult visitors by nagging them to join some wonky social network like Yahoo. You just go and see pictures. Like
  • I’m taking a year off from Burning Man and my non-confrontational mediator volunteer role there and here in the Seattle Region. 16 years in a row is enough. This year I’m all for going out on road trips with Melissa and our dogs. We will be using fossil hunting as our excuse.
  • I’ve been re-acclimating to the Microsoft universe, which is now moving as fast as anything else in our industry. Mr. Balmer’s policies were why I lost interest in the work there, even why I left management. Now I’m back in management and digging my new job at Avanade, as a VERY agile QA Manager. I’ll be posting a bunch about this very soon. I have a lot to say, especially since in the 18 months I’ve been here my QA Team has gotten testing under control, vastly improved quality of deliverables, kept up with the pace, has gained trust and respect with our Developers and the rest of the Group, and is continually optimizing while continuously having fun.
  • I love driving my electric car, a LEAF. More about this too. I figure by driving this it will only take about 1000 more years to offset the carbon debt I introduced in my job as an Exploration Geophysicist at Amoco (AKA BP), and my 10 year stint as a Product Manager at Landmark Graphics (now part of Halliburton) which delivers GeoExploration workstation software to the O&G upstream business. As much as I loved Geophysics I still lament the impact on our climate.

Someday I’ll write about what has stayed the same.