First Infusion – September 21, 2018

Ohhhhh the Losartan Zofran (AKA Ondansetron) is-a makin’ me wooozeeeeeeeee!

I’m following strong advice to keep up with a preemptive dose of anti-nausea meds for the next couple of days. Yes, yesterday was infusion day for me, for real. Nothing to say about the bilirubin but that it was at 1.3 mg/dL on Thursday which was 0.1 mg/dL over the entry protocol but as I noted earlier, Dr. Picozzi just wrote it up as an exception and we went ahead with dosage as planned. I am officially in the study now. Good, I get twice the monitoring! My nutritionist called my stubborn bilirubin levels a result of “sludge in my liver”. I keep taking those meds to eventually flush it.

I was a little apprehensive going in; after all, we’d rehearsed for this 3 times before, so I couldn’t help thinking about how I’d feel as the juice went in. Melissa & I talked about that as we drove in to the hospital this morning. My low grade apprehension even jacked my blood pressure a bit, but when we measured it after the infusion was done I was able to lower it simply by doing a quick meditation, so obviously I was a little jacked.

It turns out that it felt exactly like….nothing? Maybe like I would feel giving blood? It really didn’t feel like anything, although the solutions added up to a bit over a liter of fluids so I really had to visit the room right after it was done. The sessions are booked for 4 hour chunks of time but we were in and out in under 2.5 hours.

Looking ahead I’ll be doing alternating compounds every 8 weeks. 8 weeks on the first and then 8 weeks on the other. Within those 8 weeks I get 3 weekly infusions followed by a week of no infusion, done twice. I’m also getting a CAT scan every once in a while to see how the tumor shrinks. I suspect I’ll get my Whipple procedure in January of February instead of over the holidays.

Good thing I’ve gotten my FMLA approved at work! That plus being really productive at work right now, should secure my landing spot after getting my pound of flesh removed and going back onto the chemo for another month or two.

It was pretty cool chatting it up with everyone while receiving text messages from family & loved ones. My friend the nurse stopped by too, and dropped off some more literature on the 2nd pair of compounds I’ll be using in 8 weeks.

When I got home I didn’t feel bad at all, but I was peckish and the doggies wanted walking, so we gave them a stroll and then I had some soup & a sandwich. No problems but I figured I’d go ahead and take my first Losartan Zofran to head off any nausea. Well, that shot the rest of the afternoon. I just got up from the nap and it’s almost 8 pm. Time for real cheese nachos!!

The “nadir” for this pair of compounds is around 3-4 days from now. That’s the point where one’s body will have experienced its worst point in reacting to the chemo. We don’t expect all that much this week but I’ll still keep you posted on anything noteworthy when I can.

This weekend? Developing a couple of rolls of black & white film I shot last weekend in Georgetown, which is a tiny bit like a cleaned up, smaller version of the preserved buildings in Patterson. Lotsa bricks, and in Georgetown, punkers and tourists too.