Heh, Oops – I meant Zofran, Not Losartan

My past couple of posts really confused a friend who actually knows about this pancreatic cancer thing. I wrote that I was taking drugs for my nausea and called what I was taking “Losartan”. This is totally wrong and here’s the correction. I’ve been taking Zofran, not Losartan. Zofran is the original commercial name for the generic drug Ondansetron. That’s what’s written all over my prescriptions.

The Losartan is a memory fragment from about 6 years ago, that got detached in my thinking and floated around waiting to re-attach itself to something different. I took Losartan back in 2012 due to borderline high blood pressure that I’m now sure was a result of my experiences at my former huge, online travel company. I don’t have that problem any more so I stopped taking it. How I mixed it up with Zofran is one of the mysteries of my little brain.

So, I’ve corrected the earlier posts too, and for everyone, it’s really OK to correct me wherever I get something wrong, and I’m really glad my friend stuck with it to at least express confusion about the unintentional nonsense I was spouting. Oops and thank you!!