The Home Front – Staying A Bit Cleaner

Dropping while blood cell counts make things a little scarier in areas of your life you maybe hadn’t kept in touch with so much in the past. My immune system is still good enough, but not with enough depth to handle a major contamination & infection as well as it has in the past. In my past I shook off infections pretty well and fast too. I’ve been told by enough people who know, and told again by the people who love me, that I simply must begin to clean my hands a whole lot more often and watch out for making easy germ vectors!

My younger daughter’s probable step daughter (my probable step-grand-daughter) is in remission from brain cancer. OMFG that was hard, but she’s gotten through and her chemo is long over. So they brought over their professional grade Purell hand sanitizer dispenser and 2 quarts of solution!!

At Virginia Mason they have these things on every corner. Everyone makes a grab after they’ve even talked to somebody else. It sets a wonderful example for what I’m trying to make a habit at home.

The big thing here is the dogs. They are joyously unhygienic. I get to wash my hands often. Tina hasn’t let us cut her claws ever, so I get scratched sometimes too, to which I have to actually pay some attention, like this morning.

I’d never have covered that up even a week ago. Now I do.

I also have to make special conditions for any visitors or when I’m out visiting. Please nobody with colds, the flu, snotty offspring, etc. I did manage to get a flu vaccine a month ago and in the olden days that would have been enough for me, but there’s are other things I’d rather not have to deal with.

None of this would likely kill me, but if I do get actually >sick<, I would need to go off the chemo until I get better, and hey I want to make this run as short as possible if you so please!