3rd Infusion – October 4, 2018

Not much to say about the latest infusion other than:

  • Back up to full dose since my T-Cell count is back and no other unexpected changes from the blood tests
  • I’m writing this on the morning after the infusion and am feeling OK. Nausea under control.
  • Working today (Friday), ever grateful for being able to do so from home. Saving 2-3 hours a day not having to commute is a major deal enhancer.

Last week I discovered that tiny meals, 12x per day, is THE way to deal with my ability to keep my weight up during chemo. I mean really tiny meals, like 1/3 – 1/4 the size of what I used to sit down to eat. I lets me have variety, a lot of it. I’ve found that when I get satiated on a particular food it is much easier for that food to trigger some aversion later on when I consider eating it again. If I keep pushing away from a tiny meal before I feel like I want to keeps me interested in eating that food again. With the tiny/frequent meal approach, I can always promise myself another run through it sometime…later.