A Week Off – No Infusion on October 11

Ahhhhh, this week has been so easy that I almost forgot to put up a post.

This has been my first “week off” of chemo, so my body has been able to make proper new cells again, and repair some of the damages done by the cure. This Thursday I start back up with another series of 3 more weekly infusions, then another week off, and then … and then … start back up with a series of 7 weekly infusions of an entirely different kind of compound than the one I’m being given now.

I’ll also be getting another CAT scan in 4 weeks, to see how this has affected the tumor size so far.

So it was nice to skip the side effects of an infusion this week, but it was interesting to feel the longer term impact of all 3 weeks’ infusions though, that don’t clear up in a few days. The most obvious one is that my beard and mustache are getting a bit scraggly, maybe even my eyebrows too. Yeah, I’m losing my hair!!! Funny how pink my chin looks now. My digestion took a while to regain equilibrium too, but it’s back well enough and I’ve been able to get some weight back.

I guess I’m as ready as can be for this next cycle.