2nd Cycle, 1st Infusion – October 18, 2018

I had the previous week off. It was a welcome break and some relatively minor side effects continued well into the 9th -10th day after that last infusion. Biggest new thing is that my beard and mustache hair got so thin that I decided just to shave it all off. I’m smooth shaven for the first time in over 12 years. This is the first time my partner  Melissa has ever seen me without them!

Oh, and another interesting thing happened while I was on my week off. Melissa got a bad cold, after warning me about being too social and picking up someone’s else’s cold. The strangest thing was that in my situation we both thought I should come down with it too. Nope, didn’t happen. I sailed through just fine. Ended up taking care of Melissa a bit, which I was glad to do ’cause we’re in love!

So this week I started on my 2nd cycle of chemo, which is set up like the last one, 3 weekly infusions followed by a week off again. It’s different again too. I’m on my 2nd day-after and unlike previous infusions I stopped feeling nauseous by the 1st day after, and haven’t had any signs of nausea since then. I even had a pretty big supper last night. Sure, I took anti-nausea meds on the day of the infusion and that evening, but nothing since then.

Tonight is our local Burning Man “decompression” event here in Seattle. I got a ticket to go a couple of weeks back, hoping I could spend an hour or two there before getting knocked on my butt from the chemo but now I wonder, with this normal feeling and seemingly normal energy, what’s it going to be like tonight?

Just waiting for the mike drop. No idea how it will manifest itself.

On the solid good side, on of my tumor markers in my blood test was down to half of what it was 2 weeks ago. Plus, my platelet count went pretty high after going pretty low 2 weeks ago. That platelet count may be the reason my energy levels have been pretty good and could be happening because I’m really slamming down the protein, somewhere around 100 mg. of it per day.