2nd Cycle, 2nd Infusion – October 25, 2018

Today I’m writing from the hospital, waiting to get my infusion. I’m trying out a new bluetooth keyboard, which is infinitely superior to any virtual keyboard I’ve ever had to use.

The other reason I’m writing now is because I forgot to tell you all that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is having a walkathon on Sunday, October 28, and I want you to donate to the Virginia Mason team!  I’ve already benefited form the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and fully suppport their work. Heck I’m also donating, so if you are reading this, you should too.

The network sponsors research projects, and provides a ton of patient support services. I’ve been reading their articles and have seen one of their webinars about the surgery I’m going to have. The information is straightforward, and vetted carefully to give me the information I need without the usual bullshit that one encounters on the wild, wild, web. Again, please donate, and please do it soon so the folks here at Virginia Mason can take credit for a lot of donations.

You can donate easily at this URL, which ensures that your donation is registered with their team – http://support.pancan.org/goto/virginiamasonteam.

I have another exciting weekend lined up too. Melissa & I are taking a photography seminar on Whitbey Island, given by Rick Dahms. He’s a very good pro photographer. Our topic for the weekend is to learn how he does “Environmental Portraiture”. We’re bringing all our gear, including the monolights and the Honda generator so we can use them outdoors. I’ve even been working with our 5D Mk4 DSLR so I can spend my time learning about environmental portraiture and not trying to suss out the camera at the last minute.

Thanx for donating, and I’ll be writing more in a day or two once I find out how I’m feeling.