It’s a Day or Two Later Now….

We just got home from the Environmental Portraiture seminar with Rick Dahms. I am really, really glad to have been able to participate in that. It was very useful and informative. Rick is cool, and our other 2 fellow participants were great to be with too. It wasn’t just technical information, although that in itself was good; it was very much getting into the ways to interact with the *subject* to help them feel safe and relaxed and most important, having at least a little fun doing the session.

My experience: I was absorbing a lot yesterday, the first day. That always makes me feel like I’m just keeping my head out from under the water; that feeling of vagueness as to whether you are understanding it correctly, ugh. I got really tired on the way home. Slept a solid 8 hours.

This morning I had to drag my saggy-mess out of bed to get over the water again and out to Whidbey Island, ready to work again at 9 am. I put it all on automatic getting there. We made it with 5 minutes to spare! We got into the 2nd day right away, going over Q&A while it rained hard. After the sun came out into a dramatic patchy cloudy sky, we watched Rick “do a session” with one of our class as the subject. While he did that he explained what he was doing.

Yesterday we’d studied the individual tasks of setting up an environmental portrait, but Rick’s demo put all those pieces together into a smooth flow and it all made sense. That afternoon we broke into pairs and did our own sessions. Melissa & I did ours together. We got down to it and converged on good set ups within an hour. For our last exercise we took advantage of the dramatic skies to take the battery strobes out into the woods and grab a few more sessions. It gets easier with practice. e came up with some cool shots of each other too.

I’ll just say that I heartily recommend taking a seminar with Rick if you ever get the chance. And if you’re not a photographer and you want an really fine portrait all ready to use and hang on the wall, or some commercial needs for solid portrait work, look up Rick –