2nd Cycle, 3rd Infusion – November 1, 2018

Well that’s it for these last 2 cycles of chemo! I got my last infusion of this stuff on Thursday as usual, no surprises. My oncologist was happy to see me but confessed that he was not pleased that the Red Sox won the World Series this year. He’s an adamant Yankees fan, just like my youngest sister and my brother-in-law in NJ.

Now it’s Sunday and like my 3rd infusion in the 1st cycle, this one hit me a little harder than the previous 2, but really it’s noting as bad as what other cancer patients put up with in their chemo. I just feel like I’ve got a flu starting. It’s the muscle aches made me toss & turn last night. Weird thing too, my bladder filled right up twice during the night, and again when I got out of bed this morning. I didn’t know I held that much water.

Next Thursday we’ll do another CAT scan to see whether the tumor is shrinking. Regardless of that, in the week following that, I start my next 8-week series of chemo treatments, using an entirely different set of compounds. I’ll post details when I feel like digging for it again. Suffice to say it’s entirely different and will involve me wearing a little infusion pump for 48 hours after receiving each of my 1st 2 bags of compounds. Also, I’ll be doing these infusions every 2 weeks instead of weekly. They should finish right before New Years Day. If everything goes well then I’m off chemo for a little while to clear my body & strengthen for the surgery to remove my tumor (cue grim humor here…). Looks like that will be around February.

That’s the news for now. Not much, but in this case that’s a really good thing!