3rd Cycle, 2nd Infusion – November 29, 2018

Ohhhhh-kay, this chemo is definitely harder to like than the previous gemi-whatever kind I was on in cycles 1 & 2. At the same time I started this new chemo the intensity levels at work jacked up, requiring more facilitating than I’d needed to do earlier. No matter who you are, facilitating is a tough job, requiring patience and focus. The fun part is when you’re trying to keep the food down, and it starts making you grouchy. Very grouchy.

I should apologize for not having posted earlier, but I’m going to play the chemo card for this. I was lazy, and put my energy into work. Besides, the news isn’t all that interesting unless you are really interested in nausea control. Here’s a run down of how I’ve been experiencing this stuff just in case you are interested though.

With the old stuff I was getting it weekly and would feel like I had passed the nadir (peak blood levels of chemo) by the 3rd day after infusion. With this stuff (I’ll call “flifo”) I get infusions every 2 weeks, and the feeling that it’s peaking happens 8-9 days later. The most prevalent thing I’ve experienced while either compound is at its peak is nausea. 3 days of fighting nausea is tolerable. 8-9 days of it is tedious at best. The effects are stronger too. Twice, my normal meds routine was not even close to preventing a couple of wonderful morning session leaning over the throne, barking like a seal.

Let’s get off this topic, shall we?

The rest of my health picture is pretty good. I’m still robust. I have been holding at 205 lbs through all of this. I have been able to walk the dogs pretty much every day too. That’s good for them and apparently very important for my own health. Cool. Another win-win situation! However, I really need to get back into resistance training for muscle tone. I still have some motivating to do in order to get that rolling. I’m hoping I get off my butt this weekend and go at least every other day until next week’s infusion, then take off for 8 days and then resume the weights again. That’s the plan. We’ll see about the reality.

The work part has been going well. Very well. I do like what I’m doing and I really like and respect the team I’m working with and my bosses are totally supportive. I’ll say it again too, that working from home 99% of the time is making this whole thing work for me. I have fewer hours of energy before needing to sleep and cutting out the 3 hour round trip commute lets me put in the time I need to do the job and still get my beauty rest.

Socially, well I can do the important stuff and not much more. Important stuff you ask? Yeah really, I say. A friend was having a hard time last week and I was able to visit and help them out. I was able to give to a person who needed it, and I was grateful to be able to deliver some comfort and perspective. I was also able to have coffee with another friend after months of no contact. That’s what I characterize as important.

No energy for things like “Beer Fridays” though, and I used to almost live for those. I missed a fundraiser that I wanted to go to also, but there was no more fuel in my tank for that.

I guess that’s about it. Oh, I did get a copy of the complete works of Hayao Miyazaki in Blu-Ray format. I would advise anyone who appreciates beautiful animation to do the same. It’s amazing how much more you see than in the DVD format.