4th Cycle, 2nd Infusion – January 17, 2019

This was a quick Gemabraxine infusion with no complications and nothing much to say about the after effects other than they’ve been the same as always. I’m writing this on the Monday after so I don’t have very much need for the anti-nausea meds at this point either, although there are occasions where I’m really glad I carry a dose of zofran with me wherever I go.

I guess something anomalous did happen last Thursday, the morning of the infusion. We were up early so we could get into Seattle by the time of the 1st step at 8:20 am, and as I was walking out to the car I started getting sick (!!!), almost a full 7 days since the previous infusion. Fortunately I had that little zofran dose in my pocket and was able to get it melted under my tongue before anything really big happened. That is one of the nice things about melt-away zofran; you don’t even need to swallow it for it to work. It just soaks into your mouth. >whew!<

I turned 65 last Friday too. Woo Hoo! Outstanding things happened at my celebration. I’ll post about this separately, under the “About Me” category.