4th Cycle, 3rd Infusion – January 24, 2019

Well another week, another infusion. This one went well, with a little reduction in dose due to marginally low blood platelet counts. Fine with me. We’ve got the whole thing down; set the port, draw blood, wait 20 minutes, talk to Doc, wait 45 minutes, get infusion which with gemabraxin takes about 2 and a half hours.

That’s it for the gemabraxine for now. I get next week off. Next up are 2 folfiri infusions in February. Those are 2 weeks apart and involve a close relationship with a 46 hour pump each time. Then in early March I get a CT scan and consult with my surgeon, Dr. Rocha, to talk about a Whipple procedure to remove the shrinking tumor.

I find myself returning to think of that, of what will be happening to me during & after the surgery. It’s enough just to know the sources of risk and the impacts should risks be realized. There’s gonna be more than a pound of flesh taken out, and some pipes in my grand central station of food processing will be rerouted. I’ll need to be on the lookout for diabetes at least while the pancreas recovers. I’ll be reintroducing food slowly, and one item at a time. As I do so I’ll be able to gauge the amount of digestive juices my pancreas is able to put out, again while recovering. The gallbladder was the thing that used to let me eat 6 pieces of pizza in a sitting.. at least when I was young. Now, nope. Finally, I’ll be coming home with a good sized abdominal cut. I hear that I won’t want to do any stairs for something like 2-3 weeks, and oh, pain. Of course, the pain.

Well that was jolly! Be assured we’re planning for all these conditions.

Anyway, it was a busy week between these last 2 infusions. I was able to participate in an offsite, 4 day security scenario boot-camp at work, and I told you about my birthday last week. That was about all I had time for and still be able to sleep 8 hours a night.

I ordered some weird Japanese movies on DVD, and am now off to pick them up. Then walk the dogs. Bye!!!