Thinking of Tomorrow Today

It’s Sunday. I had a nice breakfast and 4 hours later I drank my 10 ounces of magnesium citrate to begin making things more hospitable for the surgeon tomorrow. God that stuff tastes bad.

I put in a few hours of work today, finishing one last thing. I still have a couple of much less urgent “one more things” but right now I’m just chillin’ on the couch with Baxter and with Tina bounding around us.

Our personal to-do lists are equally endless but also down to the last dribs and drabs. In some ways this feels like the day before going to Burning Man. Did I remember <list of things> ? How will I feel later in the week? What’s it going to be like? But it’s also way different. Will my partner have to activate any of the emergency protocols that we’ve so laboriously set up in the past couple of weeks? How will it feel when I come to? blah-dee blah-dee blah.

I had a bout of hay fever over the past 2 days, and I feared it was a cold, which would have forced us to cancel the surgery. The antihistamines did the job though and beat the dripping nose into obedience, proving that it wasn’t a cold at all….so down the hatch with the magnesium citrate and no more food until a few days from now!!!

Lots of folks have called and messaged me. That’s been great. It’s good to know folks are behind me. I still have to add some more people to my Google group that I set up for my partner to use to notify everyone of my status at the hospital.

I’ll post again when I can. probably no less than a week from now, maybe longer. We’ll see.