Recovery – Booooring!

I’ve been out of the hospital for just under 2 weeks. Every day I feel better and can see signs of improvement. I’m stronger, my incision hurts less but itches more (a sign of mending apparently), and my drain is now outputting pretty much exactly the same amount of stuff as the saline that I inject to keep the drain tube clear. I’m glad about that. The drain is the most irritating thing about all of this. I have a hole in my abdomen, blech!

Fortunately I’m pretty sure they’ll be removing it tomorrow. I’ll also have another CT scan, a “tube check” where I hope they pull the danged drain out, a consult with my surgeon, and a consult with my infectious diseases doc (for that infection I had). I’ll consult with my oncologist on the 25th.

I’ve lost 10 lbs, putting me at 197 lbs. It’s not risky at this point but I need to stop the weight loss. I feel like I am constantly full so I’ve been working on slaving myself to a munchies schedule. Something goes in every couple of hours. I have to say though, I’ve got the right color, have lots of energy, and people are telling me that I look great!

So far I’ve blasted through a couple of Netflix series, and quite a few movies. Yesterday I started picking up on my online training too; trying to get 2-4 hours in per day.

Our dogs are quite disappointed with me. I have not been able to walk them all this time. It would be possible if they acted civilized when on leash, and Baxter is close to that, but Tina … little tiny terror, is always pulling and crossing back & forth. While I feel much better there’s one thing that hurts still, and that’s any kind of torso twisting, and with 50 lbs of rowdy strong dog actions, flipping around at the end of the leash, well no way. Maybe in another week or two.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!