Oops, Recovery Not As Boring…

I went in for my tube check yesterday. That involves a CT scan, and they found a pocket that was not in communication with my drain. Guess what? I have another drain!

This one hurts, which probably is to be expected because they pulled the old one out and put the new one into a different area of my gut. OW OW OW!! It dropped about 25 ml into the bag but as of this morning, nothing else. They’ll check it again next week. Today I’m going to stay on Tylenol and laze about, idle and passive. OW!

I got a lot of good news at the visit though. Infections? Gone. Guts are packing back together quite nicely. They also went over the lab results for what they took out. Nothing found in any of the lymph glands! Borders were all clean including portal vein and one of the artery pieces that they closed off! The best thing just blew my mind though; the tumor itself had only 15% viable cancer cells. That means that the chemo killed off 85% of the tumor before the surgery!!!!

Needless to say I’ll just power through this pain because it looks like there’s a long and fun life ahead of me.