At Last, A Drain-Free Existence

Hoo-RAY! The drain is gone! It was taken out at my appointment with the surgeon yesterday. This was my last consult with him and his lead team member too. I thanked them profusely, and even felt a little nostalgic. Very little nostalgic, but it was there. They did a great job. I’m feeling great, even though I can feel why I still need months more time to fully bounce back.

There was a lot that I’d love to talk about here, involving how complicated everything was over the past 2 weeks, but really events were only peripherally related to my surgery or that cancer, and affected only my partner and me. Suffice to say that drains are a pain and diverticulitis sucks. If I was forced to listen to myself detailing all that happened I’d definitely start yawning and looking around for something else to occupy my attention, so I will not burden you with it.

What’s next? My appointment with my oncologist next week. He’ll have had a couple of weeks to get the results back from all those tests I mentioned in the last blog entry. I am mildly apprehensive about what he may want to do next. As I noted last time, the focus now moves to detecting any re-emergence of either pancreatic cancer or any other kind of cancer for that matter.

I know I’ll be having CT scans every 3 months for a year or so, but that’s it. In standard pancreatic cancer treatment programs this has involved post surgical chemo or radiation treatments, but for radiation, you have to have a tumor to deal with, and as I mentioned, chemo is nowhere near as effective in shutting down re-emergence as it is killing a tumor.

So my little fear is applying either of these treatments before anything shows up. I mean, what would be the point? I mean to ask a lot of questions and even challenge a bit, but only after explaining that I accept and will follow expert advice. I just want to know any of the reasons why, and I want to understand them as much as I can.

I also have a little bit of fear that post surgical treatments could interfere with my summer goals of visiting my family in NJ, and getting back to Burning Man. I’m also fantasizing a bunch of other things I’ve wanted to do but have put off over the last year, so I hope it won’t get in the way of any of those.

I’m also chomping at the bit to get into the gym. Again, not to re-injure myself but to regain my core strength. I have that Ducati in the garage that MUST BE RIDDEN. I have stuff to lift and throw around the house. I also still start dancing when I hear good deep haus muzeek, and would like to do that without ripping in half. Etc.

And that’s it for me this week, on the long journey back to swimming in the flow of life instead of being idle on the side.