If we want sanity in this country we need to IGNORE TWITTER

The power of small thoughts. Little morsels of comment, like corn chips with a dab of dip. Easy to consume and trivial to produce. Easy to pass along without consequence, at bars, parties, casual gatherings…until now.

I signed up for a Twitter account way back when it was first created. In fact I had the first “riffraff” screen name (or whatever they call it) on Twitter until a fresh young rock band from London very nicely asked if I would give them the name and take another for myself. This was in a time when greed and vicious selfishness was not the fashion so I said, “sure”, and took on a slightly different screen name.

I kept with it until it became obvious that 128 character limits caused either stupidity or strings of sequential tweets that were necessary to complete the expression of a single thought.

I tried yelling it out the window today and Melissa sure knows how I feel. Sadly there’s not much reach. I blurted this out on FaceBook but naturally it didn’t get much traction. 

But really, imagine what it was like before 1985. Aside from standing on a soapbox in a park (a la Speakers Corner in London) one had even less reach, but somehow opinions got spread. 

Aside from hardening opposition I don’t think our newly mutated ability to communicate instantly and widely is working out too well. Sadly it’s mostly because of the same issues we’ve been seeing since the first pre-web newsgroups. I think the need for stickiness and prolonged engagement for the benefit of advertisers is poison. I was part of this development. So sad.