Sugar Crash

For all intents and purposes I’m free of cancer….at least this summer I am. We still don’t know about reoccurrence, but we’ll worry about that after I go to Burning Man at the end of summer. However, after the operation there’s something that I’ve learned about the hard way; sugar crashes.

It’s stupid of me to fall for these things, and I’ve done so twice so far. I’d start out the morning with a light sugary “breakfast”, like a scone, then I wouldn’t pay attention and I’d neglect to eat anything else for around 6 hours. Blam!

I only have a vague idea of how other people react to low blood sugar. I’ve given it a quick look on the internet, so I know there are a range of symptoms. What I do know is that my #1 symptom is physical exhaustion and then shaking; like hypothermia shaking. It is not fun, especially when the air temperature is 85 degrees fahrenheit. It creeps up without warning.

Each time I’ve had some kind of protein bar with me that I’ve been able to nibble, and nibble is all I could do. A little bit of the sugar in the bar would then get into my system and then I’d be treated to a quick, strong 5 minute wave of nausea. As soon as I could get my sugar level up it all stopped, and I’d be exhausted. Kinda blew the rest of the day.

Kinda sucks. It’s probably the biggest issue I have to deal with now, other than not ripping my gut as it heals. I need to pay attention to preventing this. I really do. I need to handle this like a type 1 diabetic. Protein bars are not the thing to eat when the crash happens. Instead I need to be keeping small sugar snacks with me to stem the first onset, and maybe a protein bar for after that passes, but most important, I really, really, really should never let this happen. To do that I really need to double down and eat small and frequently, every day.

It’s time to start hard boiling eggs and wrapping small chunks of cheese for when I can’t sit to eat, time to learn how to eat like I’m at home when I’m off on trips, time to be more careful.

Oh gawd, I gotta take care of my body!