Nah, It Couldn’t Have Been This Easy After All….

It took me 4 days to gather the stomach to write this post. On Monday I had my every-2-month CT scan, blood test, and consult with my oncologist. The scan shows a “slight increase in prevascular soft tissue of uncertain significance”. It’s blunted a little by the observation that, “No evidence of metastatic disease is seen.” However, my CA-19-9 blood marker is up to the level it was in October 2018 after almost a year of being normal after we started chemo last year. All in all, again quoting from my clinical report, the, “slight rise in CA-19-9 and soft-tissue finding in operative site above raises concern for local recurrence.”

Oh joy, oh rapture. My upper back has been hurting too, which could be construed as an additional symptom except of course I’ve also been deeply into computer work the last 2 months and that always screws up my upper back, so maybe that’s another sign or maybe it isn’t.

Otherwise my health is really good. My blood pressure and cholesterol are all better than they’ve been in years. I have pretty good energy levels considering that my abdomen is still healing (itchy!!). Looking at me on the outside it looks like I’m rocking it hard. >sigh< I f-ing HATE pancreatic cancer for being such a stealthy thing. Couldn’t I just turn yellow again and make it unambiguous???

Well, we’re scheduling another endoscopic ultrasound and biopsy and find out for sure. It’ll probably happen sometime after Thanksgiving and before Xmas. Grrrrrr I hope it’s not that thing, but if it is I’m all for going back on the chemo. I really want to live a lot longer.

And my sweet partner is getting her sinus operated on this coming Monday to get rid of a very persistent and long lasting infection, and the first week in February she’s having her hip joint replaced. Dang, aren’t we just a pair?