Chemo Resumed

UPDATE Dec. 16, 2019: I feel fine today. I think I handled the meds wrong. I guess we’ll find out after next week’s infusion, but right now I’m back to kicking butts & taking names.

I’m not going to write much since I feel like crap. This is the 2nd day after my Thursday infusion and it has hit me harder than I’ve ever been hit before. Nausea and a nagging headache, but that’s it thank goodness. Even the zofran is not as effective. I think it’s my body going, “What the ever loving F-CK just happened?”

I’ve slept a lot, a lot, a lot. I’ve been forcing myself to walk around, take the pups out, just so my back snaps back into place after spending 12 continuous hours asleep. I’ve been able to find time periods when I can take my normal daily meds and get them into my system before Ralph shows up again, so it’s not the end of the world.

We’re going to do a 4-cycle regime, every 2 weeks until the end of January, when we’ll do another CT scan, blood test, and figure out our next steps. Aside from this very expensive poison running around in my veins I still don’t feel the cancer at all.

My social life this weekend is shot, just ruined I tell you!

Melissa has been so good to me. Even with her hip she’s fixed me toast and made me tea. She’s going to the grocery store right now. The pups pile on all sides when I get into bed. I’m loved and that makes all the other stuff much smaller.