Chemo the Day After Xmas

It wasn’t as bad as the last time because this time I kept up with my nausea meds. I get all lazy as expected, but the lack of nausea is much appreciated.

Not much else to say. Almost everyone at work has been encouraged to take the days off between Xmas & NYE so I haven’t had to be firing on all 16 cylinders. I’ve even managed to walk the dogs regularly and pull the dryer & washer so I can repair a leak in the washer.

I still called for a repair person because the leak is from the fresh water side and is almost impossible to trace when looking under the thing. The only trace is rust on the bases on 2 of the 3 drum shock absorbers. FOO!!! They’ll be by on Friday.

To pull the washer out I finally broke down and asked for some help from friends. It was great actually. Had 4 visitors, and we got the thing done in less than 30 minutes. It was so good to see people coming up here to visit, especially since Melissa is not mobile with that bad hip. Her hip joint replacement surgery is on February 6, oh boy!! She’s been in a ton of pain.

Other than the chemo I feel pretty good. I still feel the effects of the surgery, little tugs and burns when the new tissue is reestablishing itself. It doesn’t get in the way of getting things done though, so I’m happy.

No other news so ’till later…..