It felt OK, then it just didn’t anymore, now it’s ok again

Roller coasterrrrrrrrrrr!

Got my 3rd infusion last Thursday. Usually I’ve had little or no problem with it on Friday, and this time it wasn’t much of a problem except I was exhausted and slept a lot. Then Saturday it was like I came down with the flu. Fever, chills, body screaming aches, no energy, happy to sleep 12-15 hours, and some real crappy nausea.

Then Sunday morning after another 12 hour snooze I felt better. Not a lot better but better. No appetite to speak of. After all Teslacle’s* Deviant to Fudd’s Law** says “What goes in must come out” and that latter part was temporarily deactivated by the nausea meds, specifically my buddy odansetron, AKA Zofran. Finally drinking water all day hydrated me well enough that everything started running well again. Yay, the simple pleasures.

Monday, off roaring. Today, Tuesday off roaring all morning. I crushed work. Still way lot still to do since I essentially missed Friday. I stopped taking the nausea meds on Monday and didn’t need them. I am so happy. I have so much social activity later this week. I gotta eat more protein. I’m down 5lbs to 197lbs.

I just finished winterizing my trailer in about 10 minutes, pumping non-toxic antifreeze into the plumbing. The little space heater is keeping it around 60 degrees when it’s 19 outside. I lost sleep last night thinking about using that thing this year, and not just at Burning Man.

Another infusion on the 23d. The last of the planned ones. Got a stand-in doc this time. My oncologist will be out on vacay so we’re delaying the CT Scan until a week later, and we’ll talk about what’s next. Hey sisters of mine! You should know that Dr. Picozzi is a rabid Yankees fan.

Work. Agh such fun wrapping something around prayers and well wishes. I see a few paths to take, all likely to work and we are making progress already. We’ll see what path my team wants to take starting tomorrow. We’re meeting to plan our first round of activity for this fiscal year. I’ve just finished setting things up so our work is totally attestable. There I think I said the right word. Anyway we’re off spreadsheets for collecting metrics!

Good gawd my team has gotten good press around here. I don’t mind at all ’cause that pays the insurance and I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to cross this chasm to the other side and not end up bankrupt. I hope I haven’t spoken too soon, what with our nation’s executive branch and senate majority party driving our country’s car into the ditch. Driving drunk, insulting everyone, and not making any sense at all.

Oh, and I got the part for my washer. Swapped out the bad part and tested. Not a drop of water out of place. Now we just have to put them back in place.

* Pronounced, test – ah – KLEES

** Fudd’s First Law of Opposition: “If you push something hard enough, it will fall over.”