A Most Uneventful Infusion

When nothing particularly bad happens, this is a reason to celebrate. I’m on my 3rd day after my infusion last Thursday and I haven’t been sick once. It’s the little things.

I have felt tired, and have taken naps: Once on Friday, twice yesterday, and once today. Napping cut into my nausea a lot. If I don’t nap, I get sick. Also exercise will get me going. I almost triggered it yesterday just walking the dogs, but took care of it with more meds and yep, a second nap.

Today was much easier. I got a 2-hour nap in. Then walking the dogs was uneventful and I didn’t need to take meds or sleep.

Oh, good news! My CA19-9 blood marker is falling.

Oh boy, it seems to be working!!! This chart goes from the diagnosis to the most recent measure.

We’re less than 2 weeks away from Melissa’s hip replacement. It can’t come a moment too soon. When she’s sitting or standing she’s in constant pain. Fortunately I’m fully mobile, and have taken on all the things that she’ll let me handle.

Picture of Tina using one of my new cameras and one of the new lenses – https://riffraff.smugmug.com/Odds-n-Sods/The-Pups/i-LJPPL8N/A. This camera has a pretty good tracking focus feature, using a touchscreen. I just tap her eye on the screen and it keeps that eye in focus, wherever it is in the frame. Way cool. The lens opens out to f1.7 so it’s got a remarkably small depth of focus for a micro 4/3 sensor. Yay, I’ve got a portrait lens that autofocuses!

Random stuff: Work is fine. I’ll be back up to snuff by tomorrow. Dogs are fine. It didn’t rain today, or at least it held off until we were at least 2/3 through our walk. My electro-car is filthy. We have too much stuff and really need to dump most of it, and life is still really good around here, so that’s it for now!