We’ve got it on the run!

I got my latest chemo infusion on Thursday. So far I’ve got the side effects under control. Not only that but my CA19-9 marker is still dropping and with the Thursday CT scan, the tumor is still shrinking. We’re going to let this bet ride for a few more weeks ’till the next CT scan and maybe decide on something different then. Yes, I can still live with the chemo.

Better news is that Melissa’s hip replacement surgery went very well. The surgeon’s perspective is always amusing: Her hip was a mess but they cleaned all that up and there was very little bleeding. I brought her home from the hospital the next day, yesterday. We’ve set up the family room with a daybed, and there’s a bathroom on the same floor so she doesn’t need to do stairs, which is a big no-no for at least several days. In fact we’d already set that room up as a recovery room before my Whipple so most everything was already in place!

She was in a lot of pain yesterday, and it was a real OUCHY walk into the house, but she’s been up and down regularly and this morning she’s feeling a lot better. Not time for a footrace, but clearly better than yesterday. I think this fall-off of pain is really encouraging to Melissa. She’s already identified multiple chronic pain sites as being gone! Yay!

I’m in my “lazy 3 day” post-chemo time now, but it’s been a cake walk taking care of Melissa, so it’s all under control. Heck I even walk the dogs on these days so shuttling things for Melissa is easy-peasy.

Lat week we had to convince the surgery follow up people that my getting chemo would not compromise the quality of care she’d receive now, so I just showed up at the social worker’s office, joked around, and charmed her into seeing that I could do it. I mean heck, my skin tone, energy, levels, wit, and listening abilities did the job again. Sometimes it is good to exercise what privilege you can, and I’ve got it in gobs.

That’s about it for this week. Hokey-smokes I’m excited about being able to walk with Melissa again. That’ll be weeks away before even starting and month away before we’ll be able to do the hikes we used to do, but hell, we both can enjoy this unwrapping of capability!!!!