Infections on the liver are no fun

On Monday morning I got severe shivers and strong nausea. If you’ve been reading all these post you’ll know about the events I’ve called “sugar crashes”, and this was just like any of the others, I ate an orange to build up some sugar, and then nibbled on a fried egg and cheese sandwich to keep the blood sugar steady, It worked ok but by 6 that night it had hit again and harder for 20-30 minutes. This was no sugar crash.

Melissa pretty much told me that we were going to Virginia Mason ER for this. No messing around with the local stuff, go straight to the hospital that knows us. So off we went. I wish I hadn’t gotten sick in the car. I’ll have to clean that up when I get back home.

After getting to the ER I had another round of shakes and nausea and they’d gotten enough information to admit me. I always thought that it was caused by hypoglycemia but it turns out I was way off base.

One of the blood tests showed a lot of gram negative bacteria in my blood, I was being infected. The CT Scan showed a small mass behind the liver where we can’t get to it. The next day the infection doctor told me it was either metastasis or an abscess, but with all the bacteria in my blood he was pretty sure it was not cancer. (golf clap)

These episodes 6 hours apart were not due to sugar at all. In fact I asked to get a blood sugar stick while I was in the middle of one of them and my blood sugar was a a good 135, Not a sugar crash at all. These episodes also correlated with a fever spike to 100-103, I’m hoping that the Atavan I’m taking an hour before these episodes with reduce the shivers too. It’s 6 o’clock now and no shivers yet (gaaawwwwd I hope, I hope). and news flash it is 7pm and I had no shakes or nausea. How very good that feels!

I’ll be here in the hospital for at least another 2 days, and it’s very likely that I’ll be taking home a hella strong, precisely targeted antibiotic program for 8 weeks after that since they can’t go in and remove the abscess surgically. Well at least it don’t look like metastasis.

I just saw my oncologist and he’s informed me that the chemo is on hold until we crush the infection. OK. we had it beaten down enough for a break

I’m tired as hell. No problem sleeping. Melissa has recovered from her hip surgery enough to have been able to drive the e-car, I feel guilty putting her through all of this but she really is recovering and was able to help me out. She showed me something that could not have happend for the past 9 months. She put on her sock on her right foot. This used to be impossible but with the new joint and recovery she’s regained the flexibility and strength to do it!!

And that’s it for now. More soon once I get out.