I am having the best cuppa joe I’ve had in 4 days

I was walking my laps’o’boredom around my floor at the hospital when one of my docs caught me and told me he had a good surprise, and he did. They were ready to send me home after they had the results of one more test that they suspected would come out negative (good). My goodness, we’d been planning on getting out 2 days later than that!

Turns out that they got a good bead on the type of bacteria residing on my liver and came up with a one-two punch of oral antibiotics that would kill the f–k out of those little freeloaders. My blood tests indicated that the general IV antibiotic they’d been giving me brought the bug count low enough for me to be safe. The remaining test was to see if the heparin from my power port was activating my antibodies to attack my platelets. Yes that’s a thing. A rare thing but enough of one that they didn’t want to leave that stone unturned.

From my perspective I’d just gone 36 hours without any rigors so I was on top of the world anyway. So I headed back to my room where they detached me from my antibiotic IV. Then a glorious shower. They brought me a round of the new oral pills and peaked in every hour or so to see that I wasn’t blooming in some kind of allergic rash. I puttered around and packed up my stuff.

Around 1pm they told me that the test came back negative so I was good to go. I called Melissa and she was ready like a rocket and we were out the door by 5pm, at the height of rush hour traffic but it felt so good to be going home we didn’t notice it very much. We stopped by my designated pharmacy on the way to get my huge pills and some giros & falafels from the shop next door. When we got home the doggies went nutzo, which is fine because they were happy dogs again. I spent the rest of the evening restoring everything I’d brought back from the hospital to their proper places at home.

So here it is, 7am on Friday. I’m typing this from my own bed with my own sweetie next to me, and our big & little doggies snuggled up in a puppy pile. Really I don’t need a cruise or a resort stay to feel pampered. I get it every morning.

The plans as we know them now are as follows:

  • Take the antibiotics probably for the next 8 weeks
  • In 3 weeks go back in for a blood test and a consult with my infectious disease doc
  • In 5 weeks go back for another blood test, a CT scan, and a consult with both my infectious disease doc and my oncologist, make a decision about how much longer to stay on the antibiotics.
  • Notice no chemo. That’s off until we fix this.

Oh, and about the coffee. Just don’t percolate your coffee. Just don’t. The coffee from room service was perked. It was barely good enough to serve as a vector for caffeine, and certainly not something to savor.

Today’s plan is for me to do a comprehensive cleanup of the inside of the car, especially the passenger seat where I lost dinner on the drive to the hospital on Monday. Melissa did as good as she could but she’s only 3 weeks out of her own hip replacement so I’m still just amazed and grateful that she was able to do what she did this week. She stepped up. She was able to crack jokes when I needed them. What a lovely partner I have!