2 Weeks and 2 Days Later…

Don’t worry, I’m feeling pretty good.

I still need naps. I’m on a strong course of antibiotics and so far, no side effects. I had a blood test and a CT scan on Wednesday and the news was good on all counts. My white blood cell count is still too low but has significantly recovered since quitting the chemo a month ago. Platelet count is up too. Equally good news is that my tumor seems to be on hiatus, with my CA19-9 numbers continuing to fall and no change in size in the CT scan.

It seems like I got sick and recovered just in time. If I’d gone to an emergency room today with the rigors I had 2 weeks ago I might not have gotten treated in the ER or admitted for the follow up work. True, I didn’t need breathing assistance but my care required doctors, nurses and medical assistants who are now working their asses off with the COVID-19 cases. It’s all hands on deck for them now.

Melissa feels the same way about her hip replacement. Just in time. Many hospitals are cancelling elective surgeries now. While a hip replacement is considered medically necessary it is not an emergency, so probably wouldn’t get through the kind of triage criteria they’ve had to start using in Italy. She would have been told to wait another couple of months. Whew, just in time.

We’re doing fine here at home laying low. We’d already stocked up on a lot of staples after I got out of the hospital, because I needed to isolate even without the COVID-19 outbreak. In the last week Melissa has been hitting stores to fill in the gaps. I already work from home so that was easy. There’s lots of space outside so walking the dogs is not a problem. I think we’re good here for another 2 months if need be.

I have another set of appointments on March 25. We’ll see whether the recovery trends are still happening. There was even mention about possibly going back on the chemo since I’ve been bouncing back stronger than my docs had expected. I’m beginning to tire of chemo. The long term effects are starting to show up, beginning with that low white blood cell count. Oh well, all I can do is eat well, sleep when tired, and stay happy so my immune system recovers well enough to deal.