Almost Ready to Resume

Resume chemo, that is. My blood numbers are pretty much in good ranges. The antibiotics worked very well. I visited the hospital last Wednesday (March 25) and got a CT scan too. We could not find the abscess at all. What was measurable on March 11 is now gone without a trace. Dang, I wish it were true of that tumor!

My CA19-9 number went up since March 11 too, which is why we’re resuming the chemo. It was working so I’m going back on it and we’ll watch my side effects a lot more closely. I’m a little worried because the infection became almost lethal within 4 days after the infusion, and my white blood cell count was pretty close to normal on the day of the last infusion. Nevertheless, I absolutely can’t leave that cancer alone.

The social networks are afire these days. FB was lagging a lot. My remote work has been impacted by network congestion and extra loading on our cloud based Office 365 apps & storage. At least my employer and peers make sense and are kind & supportive to each other. This is not the case in the my association circles on FB. Just forget about Twitter.

I’m trying to get over the feeling of outrage about the blatant incompetence in most of the executive branch of our Federal government. Only a select few would have made it by initial screening for any of the professions & execs I deal with. The majority could only have gotten where they are through the crony system in DC.

The stroking that the orange one is now demanding to get any attention is a new low too. Maybe it’s not incompetence as much as it is plain ol’ sabotage.

I do not want to end this post with that note. It just sorta boiled out of me just now. I’m going to put down my personal browsing and go back to work, where I only need to worry about explaining complicated things in the simplest, easiest to understand terms for the execs.

Oh, and it looks like Burning Man won’t happen. Most of the regional events have cancelled for this year. Ignition NorthWest has been checking in with us emeritus board members and our consensus is to also cancel our Critical NorthWest even in July too. The current board is going to decide and announce pretty soon.

This is a weird time for us. It’s the first time in human history where we’ve had the instrumentation and communication capabilities to observe a brand new, highly virulent virus emerge, complicated greatly by its long incubation time. The impact to society is only beginning to be felt, and because it’s happening in slow motion relative to human perception, the virus currently just looms as an amorphous threat to most people. It’s like tracking a slow hillside detachment that doesn’t turn into a landslide until the very end. Our models tell us that the landslide is about to happen, but for most of the USA the landslide will happen over and over again over the next month or so, and then recur repeatedly until either the virus evolves into a more benign version or we monkeys come up with a decent vaccine. I think the wait is almost literally killing us, and the economic system our “bold and fearless” wealthy folks have built for themselves.