The day before the 4th Monster Monday

Just a quick check-in. I’ve got 2 more Monday treatments and 13 radiation doses. Tomorrow is another busy day.

  • I’ve got the background nausea under pretty good control, or at least restraint.
  • This week I started getting a liter of saline on Wednesday & Friday to help keep me hydrated. I do my best to drink refreshing beverages all day long but they’ve noticed that it’s an inevitable slide unless augmented by IV bags. It feels good in an unexplainable way. Being dehydrated could double my symptoms and that would be no fun at all.
  • The effects of the radiation are becoming more obvious now. My sore throat is really sore. Feels like strep but of course there’s no fever. Fortunately rinsing & gargling with salt & baking soda does a good job of making it tolerable. For the rest of the treatment though, no more crunchy snax.
  • Obviously I have to practice very good dental hygiene. It’s as important as the rinsing. It’s been a good habit that’s kept me fit throughout this whole cancer time.
  • My nose started bleeding for the first time this morning. I got it under control pretty quickly but there you go, I’m getting a little bit beat up back there.
  • Appetite isn’t terrible. I’m holding my weight at just under 200 lbs. I eat little meals, snax, etc.
  • Digestion is terrible. Imodium helps. No other details needed.
  • Yes, my thinking is a bit fogged. I’ll roll with it.
  • Meanwhile I’m been getting rid of junk around the house, fixing fence gates, walking dogs, and other light brainless activities.

Starting around 3 am tomorrow morning I’m take an extra dose of anti-nausea meds and go back to sleep. When I get up I’ll start an every-4-hours schedule of meds. Maybe I can get through the day without getting sick without warning. I won’t be eating very much of course. I pick that up the next day.

…and away we go!