It’s Done

I have completed the Virginia Mason Pancreatic Cancer protocol. And not a moment too soon. I could scarcely stand up in the shower I was so dazed this morning.

  • The last bag of Cisplatin last Monday. NO MORE!!!
  • They removed the 5FU pump that I was carrying around attached to me for the past 5.5 weeks nonstop.
  • I got my last shot today.
  • No hydration bags. Good, I was keeping up quite well myself
  • I got my “Certificate of Completion from the Radiation Therapy group after getting my 28th zap.
I also got to ring the boat’s bell 3 times!

I lost around 10 lbs with this. Apparently I’m robust. I’m certainly not very hungry. Another thing to note is that my side-effects / symptoms are only get worst over the next few days as radiation impact is slower than chemo. So I am not dancing yet.

I know it’s a cliche but the amount of psychological weight that has fallen off of me has been considerable. I know I’m going to be sick but it’ll be with the knowledge that it won’t get any worst.