Got the Biopsy

And it will take 3-4 days to get an answer back. Just wanted to let you know that it’s done.

It was a really easy procedure, the least difficult of all the other excursions made into my body over the last couple of years. They gave me a lightweight dose of happy juice and lidocaine (momentary sting), and then mushed an ultrasound device over my liver, found the “spot”, plotted a route to get to it with a long, long needle with a coring tip, and then went in and got 2-3 samples. I was awake for the whole thing, mostly. Afterwards they put me in a short stay room to take a 3 hour nap so they could jump on any abnormal reactions, like there is a lot of blood in my liver and it would suck if I lost any. I was fine, and even had lunch which was great because I’d fasted since the night before. Finally Melissa drove us home, back to the doggies.

My oncologist will call me with the results and we’ll set up a consult for dealing with it. Unless it’s an abscess, then I’ll have a consult with an infectious disease specialist like Dr. Malhotra who helped me get rid of the last one I had last February. Man, it really sucks that I’m hoping for a serious infection to my liver vs. cancer. Oh well, we make our choices based on the cards we got in our hand.

It also means that my covid-19 test that I had on Saturday must have come back negative. No big surprise there really. OK, that’s the latest. I’ll write again once we know more.