More Good News (About Me, Not Politics)

I just had my latest blood tests, a CT Scan, a consult with my Liver Doc, and my Oncologist. It was all good news.

Liver: The fat spot is just that, a spot. Not something to ignore but no scarring. My Liver Doc called it a “stage 0” Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). I’ll just keep living healthy and I’ll be fine. We’ll do another consult in January to see where it goes.

Cancer: No changes on the CT scan, but my CA19-9 counter is down to normal. Simply put, they can’t find any cancer. That’s also consistent with how I feel physically. I am delightfully normal and healthy.

What a roller coaster! Today I’m way over on the right.

This makes me happy. I’m very grateful for this good news in the midst of all the other ambiguous or disappointing news about our political situation.

And on the way home I dropped off my game camera (for recording wildlife in remote locations) at a friend’s home so they can find out whether it is their 3-week missing kitty kat who’s been eating the bait out of the kitty kat trap or just a clever raccoon. I didn’t expect it but I’ve got a bag of persimmons from their tree now. Tis the season.

We’re house hunting in Tacoma. Prices have really shot up since the summer as market equity rich Seattleites spread out to surrounding areas and towns with broadband internet access. Suddenly they don’t want to live in the packed city, where months ago they were adamant to never leave. Now they’re driving up asking prices hard. I’m having to add more bux to the offers, about 50-100K more than I started out offering. That puts me at the maximum I can spend.

Of course M and I are all pumped about living in a PNW urban environment again. We are focusing on walkable areas. The pandemic won’t last forever and we will be able to go out and hang with people someday. We want to be located where we can pick it up again. We’ve also zeroed in on Tacoma, WA. It’s still 100-200K cheaper than Seattle but it’s gaining fast. We’ve been outbid once with a delta of 50K. I’m still being fussy about the condition of the place before I buy it, so we’ve missed out on 2 other potential properties. We’ve run through the current inventory in our sweet spot but new places are coming on every few days…they’re starting to close in 4-7 days now. It’s only going to get worse. Yeesh.

There’s rumors now that prices may collapse later in 2021 as people get financially pinched. In the depression, my grandparents didn’t feel the pinch until almost a year after the stock market crash of 1929. Here it comes.