Latest Scan & Blood Test Results

So I’ve had a great time since I last posted. All those good numbers at the other end of that VM protocol treatment really boosted my resolve to recover as much as possible and have as much fun as possible given the pandemic.

I retired at the end of 2020. Time to take time for fun while I still can. It was a wonderful virtual retirement party at work too. Almost 80 people showed up over the 3 hours we had allocated for the online video party. I have a LOT of people to connect with on LinkedIn.

We went ahead and bought a house in Tacoma in a hot market, and now we are fixing all the broken things, painting all the rooms, getting rugs, etc. that one wants to do before moving in. Our plan is to be out of the Bothell house completely by the end of February.

I sold the travel trailer. Even with retirement I have had only so much capacity for fixing stuff, and a travel trailer is almost as maintenance-intensive as a boat. The market for RVs has been hot, hot, hot all year and I was able to get $100 more for it than I paid 2 & a half years before.

So why am I listing all of this? Partially it’s because I haven’t posted in a while, but big time it’s because I started living again. We couldn’t travel anywhere or physically hang out with anyone, but I felt that weight lifted, even in the face of all the uncertainty around what this cancer will or will not do in the future.

I had a blood test, CT scan, and consult today to see how I’ve been doing. As it seems with everything that happens nowadays it was not a simple or definitive answer. Simply put my CA19-9 counter was up about 30 points but my CT scan showed nothing new. OK, huh. So we have scheduled the next round of blood test and CT scan for 2 months from now instead of 3 months.

One of the things to look at when watching for a recurrence of cancer is a “sudden unexplained loss of weight”. Last Friday I over ate some “healthy” nutrition bars from Costco. For a couple of days since then I felt bloated and lost my appetite. To confuse things more I also stopped “night eating” so recently my calorie intake has dropped a lot too. Apparently I’ve dropped around 6 lbs … or 16 lbs if we go by the highest weight recorded for my previous exam, but the records there are screwed up because there was another weight taken that day and it was 8 lbs lighter. So I gotta keep a closer eye on my weight. My appetite is coming back as I clear those nutrition bars out of my system, so we’ll see.

Uncertainty seems to be the word of the decade right now, both in the bigger world as well as our own personal lives. It’s pretty clear that I’m not out of the woods just yet.

I’ve started thinking about how I would blow money should my outlook go down. I blurted recently that if I’m going sooner than later I’m gonna buy a frigging Tesla because driving the Leaf back & forth between our Bothell house and the new Tacoma house has been giving me range anxiety.

Melissa has been staying overnight at the new house but I’ve been commuting between houses daily so I can feed and care for the doggies.

It’s 56 miles between points. You’d think that with a nominal range of 70 miles I’d just laugh that off, but I learned that when it is raining really hard, just above freezing, and I have to run both the heater and the AC to keep the windows clear of fogging I can run the remaining range to below 14 miles and when that happens the dashboard starts lighting up with urgent warnings of running out of battery. Oh yeah, and there is no way it gets 70 miles of range if I drive at a steady 70 MPH. That range requires a steady 60 if I don’t want to run out 2/3 of the way there.

But heck, I do it because it drinks up about $3.20 worth of electricity for the round trip, compared with around $18 for the Honda Insight and $28 for the Honda Odyssey. I couldn’t do it if I could only charge up in Bothell but I happened to have a second EVSE so right away we had an electrician install a NEMA 14-50 220 volt receptacle to let me plug in the other level 2 EVSE in the Tacoma house to fuel up for the return trips. That also happens to guarantee that I stick around doing work for at least 4 hours which is how long it takes to charge.

All in all I’m still processing, but having to process developments over and over has been a frequent thing these last 10 months and I’m getting kinda used to it.

What I do know is that tomorrow we have a new President, and I’m able to see the beginning of the end of the venal, nasty shit that has happened since the 45th president and his party started coming out into the open with their barren, selfish, power grabbing, asshole selves.