What’s the Latest News After the Endoscopy?

Well, I have so much scar tissue down where my pancreas used to be that the doc running the endoscope couldn’t get a good biopsy. That plus a very vague PET scan result means we’re gonna have to fly blind from this point on … at least until a new tumor shows up big enough to be seen on a CT scan. My guess is that chemo is in my near future in any case.

While they were in there they cut a nerve that somehow gets agitated with cancer and causes back pain. I elected to do that because all my other back muscles are getting better except for the ones that seem to be most associated with and affected by pancreatic cancer. Apparently the only side effect I’ll have over the next day is the trots and I can handle that since I’m stuck at the house anyway.

I am so glad I retired. Otherwise I would be looking over my shoulder trying to stay ahead of being fired for being so flaky these past 4 months. It’s a little weird not having a list of things to do for someone else. The only to-do’s I’ve had since January have been for my retirement or for the house.

Melissa has been prepping for gardens front and back. We’ve engaged with our neighbors on the alleyway and they’re all good. Melissa got a saw bladed weed trimmer and has been hacking through the blackberries behind our fence so she can back a pick’emup truck in with dirt. I can’t do f*ck-all to help her. Maybe by next week…Nah, maybe not. Our garage still needs massive crap trimming and my office is still a mess, so there’s plenty to do once I feel better.

I am looking forward to being able to feel more optimistic. It’s been a rough couple of months.