Maybe We’ll Know More On Monday

I had a “CT guided retroperitoneal biopsy” on Tuesday to try and get a handle on what is going on in my gut. As the doctor who was doing it told me, when consulting with my oncologist they could see “streaks” of bio-active areas in my PET scan which are suspicious so they correlated their locations with the CT scan images and used a new CT scan to know where to stick the biopsy endoscope. Specifically it was targeting a lymph node that’s in there just in front of my spine. They went in through my back to get it. I was lightly sedated and can remember the doc saying things like “got it”, and “got another one”. He got three samples. I asked him whether he was just getting enough meat to do a biopsy or maybe some more to allow us to do a genetic profile. He was pretty sure he could get enough for the profile.

I meet with my oncologist this Monday to go over what they find. I actually hope it’s not that f-ing cancer. Of course then we still have to solve the mystery of my losing weight, which has been very real. It’s really hitting my energy levels. I start out strong in the mornings and then peter out by late afternoon. I still get hungry but that is confusing because many foods just disgust me and when I find something I like I can eat maybe a third of what I think I can eat. For you who know me, this is very unusual, but it’s been going on since early March. In February I weighed around 210 lbs. Now I’ve been holding this week at 162.

I’d also like to lose these sore back muscles. They still wake me up at night. At least I have a routine for dealing with it though and eventually I can get back to sleep. I’m starting to look for a physical therapist to help with this. I don’t think this is related to the cancer, just a side effect of having been so idle over the past 2 years and then doing heavy work in January & February without breaks or recovery. I really need to jack up my core strength. Hey, good thing is that as I work out the knots my neuropathy in my hands has been going away. I know that my right hand was tingling for a couple of years before I was diagnosed, and was probably due to my posture when working at a laptop, and it would really flare up after I rode the Ducati, so it would be fabulous if I can clear that up before riding again.

Well I’ll be posting again next week to let you know what we find out. Till then, ciao!!