What Week Is This Anyway?

This has bee a heck of a month. I went into it strongly. Normal stuff like getting new tires for the LEAF. Then around each chemo infusion that have been getting weirdly worse. I am so grateful that the painters knew about 80% of the little color distribution we wanted, and we were fine steering them correctly. They’re good, thank goodness. The gutters were removed the month before so nothing stood in our way. Until the heat wave started.

It managed to knock me right off my pins. I’d been dealing with digestion issues, but the heat wave kinda removed my full presence. I signed no contracts. Good thing because I ave not been able to string together the sequence of events, and the ones I really had problems with it but I will not share, I’ll just call them all “digestive events”.

I drove myself the the chemo on June 8. I know the date because it’s still in my calendar. They all blend together over time but this time we decided to triple that amount of Creon I would take, figuring that nothing came from the test so maybe I simply did not digest my food well enough. I stayed on that and still do. I could tell it was working because the digestive events didn’t smell incredibly awful.

But they were waking me up at nights, and beyond the smell it was still going on. I consulted with my nutritionist who was helpful. I was still able to basically function but I’m glad Melissa was with me for the food shopping because my interest in food dropped off to nothing. That week I skipped a few gatherings hoping to recover more before going out.

Had another infusion on June 22. That’s when we decide to give straight up opium a try, since the Imodium wasn’t doing enough. One thing I can say is that it worked, and almost immediately. But it tastes horrible, bitter, foul. It’s also hard to dose out correctly. I was able to stop using Imodium at least. That let me feel confident about going to a small barbecue soiree on July 3.

But that’s then. I had my most recent infusion Last Tuesday. I still could drive there myself. 2 days after that infusion I started getting really exhausted. I find myself heading upstairs to get into bed as soon as possible. Maybe the Opium? I cut it out on Saturday and didn’t miss it. But despite that, over those two days my “sleepy right now” period moved earlier and earlier. The scariest thing is that when I slept, I slept hard and deep, and I ended up missing Thursday through yesterday sleeping all day and night. Oh yeah, I could hardly eat too.

This whole shit-show granted me a very skinny body. Remember my earlier post about weight loss? Well, around June 1, I weighted around 160 lbs, last time I checked I’m at 148. I look great in clothing, and a bit horrifying without the clothes. It’s pretty uncomfortable have all those bones sticking out.

We’re examining the possibility that my gabbapentin or my buproprian. I’ve stopped taking anything else. I’m eating small small meals of low resdual food. The results are remarkable, but I need to relearn how to eat and rediscover stuff I like.

I do not trust myself behind the wheel of a car. We’ve gone grocery shopping once or twice and I’m always glad to just ride shogun. so I guess Melissa will drive me back and forth. Which will be better because next Tuesday is also CT Scan day, so we’ll get a look and maybe insights about what is going on.

I think I may just ask to skip the infusion after we get the CT Scan.