Very Quick Update

I think the closest set of symptoms that describes what I’m experiencing is “POTS” (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)

I’m not married to it but it describes most of my symptoms.

  • Cannot stand up unsupported more than 10 minutes
  • Exhausted by trivial things like walking to the top of the stairs. I can do it but I need good motivation.
  • When getting upstairs in the evening I get overwhelmed with the most terrifying level of fatigue I’ve ever felt. It’s terrifying because it really isn’t fatigue, it’s sleepiness. I’ve been skipping bedtime rituals so I can just get in bed & get horizontal.
  • I also just drop out of conversations when I’m in my chair, and just start sleeping

There is nothing definitive about this but “POTS” is what I’m getting when I combine these symptoms, at like over 98% in the first pages, any browser, any search engine.

I’ll let you know what happens as it does…or that is, after I wake up again.

UPDATE: I got admitted his afternoon. at 6pm. In my room now. Many tests to do. G.night all!!!