Still On the Road to Recovery

Here’s a quick summary of events since the last post:

  • They removed the flush line that was snaked up my nose, down the hatch, through the stomach, and into my liver’s abscess. Ahhhhhhh. I don’t have to swallow my food twice any more.
  • I am still giving myself nightly antibiotic infusions. This will continue until the 26th at the very least.
  • I’ve reconciled myself with the temporary digestive state these antibiotics put me. I don’t go out often.
  • My weight was 135 lb this morning. I am trying to stuff myself but there are periods where i just can’t even think about food let alone eat it. I guess it’s going to be work out sessions coming up for me in the near future.

I got a big TeeVee last week. It’s a “Dumb TV”. No connection to the internet. No built-in Roku, Firestick, Crome, or AppleTV. No monitoring our viewing logs to anonymize and sell to marketing companies. There are 4 input HDMI lines plus a usb for slide shows. It has all the sound interconnects needed to connect with any kind of external sound system too. We’re using our laptops for source and then connecting the laptop’s sound to the big stereo’s bluetooth connection. Sounds great!

Crawl spaces are expensive to clean out and seal up after a rat occupancy. We just had all the insulation pulled, new plastic laid, and the place cleaned up. We’ve closed it up with traps all over the place for a couple of weeks and then we’ll re-insulate the crawl space for a cozy winter finish. Done. Money? Poof!

Good lord we’re about to become buried in cherry tomatoes. They are so flavorful I can hardly stop my eyes from rolling up in their sockets while the flavor runs through me. Melons are coming in soon too. The green beans seem to be done as are the summer squash. Melissa is thrilled at this early crop of okra too. Baby okra, lightly steamed and drizzled with a little butter is really tasty. The blueberries got blocked by the melons one one side and kale on the other, so they’re yielding very little, but what they yield are so tasty! They’ll be in a better location next year.

Burning Man is upon us in a little while. I’ve been curiously uninvolved this year. Was going to join the volunteer virtual reality helpers but then I had that abscess. It’s really yanked me out of a lot of threads I’d started earlier. Now to rebuild. I must still be at least 1 or 2 updates behind with my Occulus II so with what little enthusiasm I can muster that shouldn’t interfere with being able to visit, like last year.

…and so another week crawls by. Ciao ’till next time!