Every Day In Every Way, I Am Getting Better and Better

It’s been a long time since the last post so I’ll just continue the threads from the last post. Starting with health:

All drainage accoutrements and stents are out now. Endoscope city I tell ya.

Finished all my antibiotic infusions a while ago. Blood tests show that I’m clean again.

I’m still recovering from the the temporary digestive state these antibiotics put me. I still don’t go out often but as long as I stay on the tincture of opium (tastes horrible, less filling!) I don’t have emergencies any more. So not cured but ever so slowly I am improving. I’m capable of staying out for a full day if I fast the evening before the excursion, so that’s cool.

I’m having poor success in regaining weight. It was 135 lb this morning. I am trying to stuff myself but there are periods where I just can’t even think about food let alone eat it. I guess it’s going to be work out sessions coming up for me in the near future.

I got the supplier of the very expensive Creon to supply it to me for free during my stay in the Medicare drug copay “doughnut hole”. They’ll handle it through the end of the year where I can reapply. I pulled this off because I realized that the only taxable income I have this year is Social Security, and don’t need to hit my 401K until I turn 70, so hey, snagged it!

Here’s the latest CA19-9 cancer indicator history. It’s an imperfect measure and all these problems with my liver have no doubt made it worse –

I got a big TeeVee a few weeks ago and hung it on the wall in the family room. It’s a “Dumb TV”. No connection to the internet. No built-in streamers like Roku, Firestick, Chrome, or AppleTV. No monitoring our viewing logs to anonymize and sell to marketing companies. There are 4 input HDMI lines plus a USB for slide shows. We’re using our laptops for source and then connecting the laptop’s sound to the big stereo’s Bluetooth connection. Sounds great! I just connected a Miracast dongle to one of the other HDMI lines and getting its power off the USB port. We’ll see how that works soon. I also connected the Toslink out line to my antique stereo using a Toslink-to-A converter which I still need to test.

Crawl spaces are expensive to clean out and seal up after a rat occupancy. We had all the insulation pulled, new plastic laid, and the place cleaned up. We’ve just had the crawl space re-insulated for a cozy winter finish. Done. Money? Poof!

Good lord we were buried in cherry tomatoes. They are so flavorful I could hardly stop my eyes from rolling up in their sockets while the flavor runs through me. There were too many to eat fresh so Melissa made 3 gallons of really tasty tomato soup stock.

Melons came in pretty well too. At least one strain was amazingly flavored. The green beans are done now also as are the summer squash. Melissa is thrilled at this early crop of okra too. Baby okra, lightly steamed and drizzled with a little butter is really tasty. The blueberries got blocked by the melons one one side and kale on the other, so they’re yielding very little, but what they yield are so tasty! They’ll be in a better location next year.

Burning Man came and went without me playing. I’ve been curiously uninvolved this year. Was going to join the volunteer virtual reality helpers but then I had that abscess. It’s really yanked me out of a lot of threads I’d started earlier. Now to rebuild. I must still be at least 1 or 2 updates behind with my Occulus II so I let that be my excuse for not participating. Well, I guess feeling like warmed over crap helped too.

I replaced the radio in the minivan with a double-DIN graphic head unit that runs Apple Car & Android Auto wirelessly. Actually it’s supposed to be able to connect to 2 phones either with the same OS or both types simultaneously. It’s pretty nifty. I liked Android Auto when I used it on the most recent rental car I used when visiting New Jersey in 2019. It’s come a long way since then.

Most recently I doubled the storage space on desktop PC too. The network cabling between the ingress and my office is done now too, so I’m ready to rebuild my original network topology which I’ll use to segregate IoT stuff from the rest of the devices in the house.

So it seems like I’ve done a lot. Too much to have been complaining about not getting anything done, but keep in mind it’s been weeks since I last posted. Most of these tasks didn’t involve too much thinking which was good because I was still experiencing a little brain fogging. It kind of fell away last week, and left me with enough horsepower to resume work on my digital stuff.

Melissa & I are also alpha testing a smart phone app that lets us track my symptoms and daily changes. It is designed to use a nurse as a facilitator who reviews the results and produces reports for me and my docs. The old tester came out in my and found 2 bugs and a handful of usability issues so far. Our liaison is a very good friend who used to work as an oncology nurse (forgot the proper description). She quit to join this startup and is perfect for her new role, so we’re happy to give it a long test.

Back to health – So what’s next? Someday in the next few months I’ll have another endoscopy to replace my current bile duct stent with something more permanent. I’m on chemo every 2 weeks until November when we’ll take a look with a CT scan again. I continue to take the opium 3x/day, so progress in the GI tract is slow at best. I’ve connected with a palliative care doc and got a prescription for physical therapy. He tells me I’m doing the rest correctly already. Yay!

That’s it for now. Steady sailing and I still hold the opinion that I will recover significantly but with a much more stylish and lightweight body. I expect to be able to travel a lot once the idiots in this country get themselves either vaccinated or killed off by the virus.