Chemo Day!

I’m typing this early in the morning. I have to be in the Seattle hospital at 8:15 to start my now-standard every 2 week infusion. Except this day also includes a CT scan. I think we’re doing those monthly. This year I’ve had so many CT scans that I feel like the full-time airplane crews who’ve absorbed too many cosmic rays when in flight.

We’ll drive to Seattle soon and use that new radio / media head / Android Auto terminal. It’s turning out to be the antithesis of what I wanted. This thing is complicated right at the outset. I’m not sure if anyone borrowing the minivan could start up the radio and tune to their preferred station without consulting some kind of cheat sheet. I gotta say though, once you get it working Android Auto is pretty nifty. The only beef I have with any dashboard graphic device is that the Puget Sound geography is bound east and west and so is very vertically oriented. When navigating with a smart phone the view of the map is naturally oriented vertically. My media player’s screen is horizontally oriented, so the driver doesn’t have as much “long view” of the road ahead as they would using a smart phone.

Ah well. I also need to remember that for today I’m on someone else’s schedule, unlike almost all my other days. I figure I must be improving my health because now I’m beginning to set time blocks for myself. When sick I am 200% ADD and am scattered madly. Still getting many things done, just not doing projects with other people outside of hiring contractors, and Melissa had to take the lead on those over the past few months. I’m planning now and mostly sticking to those plans now so I must be improving.

I’ll try to motivate to post a follow up sooner than later this time. I hope we get good news in the consult!!!!