Strange Changes – At Least They’re Changes

These last 3 days have witnessed some real changes in my list of symptoms. The docs told me I could stop taking the antibiotics now. Blood tests look good. This will end months of heavy antibiotic use. I think it will take another month to see how my habit have to change.

I don’t think this had much to do with the cessation of antibiotics just yet but it sure was significant. Yesterday I thought I’d have to go to the hospital but not because of infection. Instead I’d fallen behind on my pain pills and the pain pretty much dominated all my waking life. I cascaded down with that pain, letting it obscure the fact that suddenly my digestion started taking a turn for the better.

I’m doing a lot better now. Melissa helped me break through with extra meds & discipline. Now things are different, summarized below.

That pain is nasty. It fogged my brain so badly that it took an intervention from Melissa to get me back on a proper dose and schedule. Earlier I just kept forgetting to dose up on the percocets adequately, just sustaining a bad thing. I have that pain under control again now, only lasted through mist of yesterday.

Net-net here’s what’s different between now and 2 days ago:

  • Uncontrolled diarrhea seems to have stopped. Not constipated either. Am I going back to normal?
  • Nausea has been much more dependent on how much I’ve eaten. No eat, no nausea. Eat just a little too much, big time nausea & vomiting. I might have to stay alert for this because there really was no time between the nausea and then vomiting.
  • No fever at all. Actually I haven’t had one in weeks.
  • Apparently my strength levels are inversely proportional to my pain levels. The more pain the weaker I get. I guess this is to be expected but it’s hella extreme for me this time.
  • Sleep deprivation is catching up on me so I’ve been consciously putting aside nap time to try and keep up. I have not had a single full sleep run in months. Now it’s what is called “punctuated sleep” where I go for 4 hours, get up for an hour or two, then back form another 4+ hours. This is flawed because its hard to ensure those time blocks are 4 hours so I’ve been trying to nap more often. This while sleep thing is something I need to keep working on.

This could be a heck of a pivot in lifestyle. If I didn’t need to be tethered then my social life will be available again… of course that’s assuming that I manage to avoid sleep deprivation.

Fingers crossed.