Chemo – Back to It

Last Tuesday I had my first chemo infusion since December. It appears that the liver infections are done now. The CT scan shows the abscesses clearing up and also showed a little bit of tumor growth, so it’s the perfect time to resume going after the cancer again. No time to wait.

So I’ve been at low energy levels since then. Went out to eat with some friends for the first time in months. Yes, I can risk going out for diner now! That’s another real improvement that I’m experiencing. I’m still partially tethered to my home bathroom, but at least I can go out once or twice a day.

It’s become very stable lately. Like I have a routine. I’m keeping up with nausea & pain meds so those things don’t bother me much at all. I’m finding that I’d better drink more liquids but again, no biggie.

I think the biggest accomplishment we’ve had this month is the final creation of a revocable trust to pool our goodies and eliminate probate should one of us die, plus assigning one of my sisters as an alternative trustee to make sure that my daughters get theirs when both Melissa & I die. It’s more work than a will and so on but it wraps everything up nicely and can’t be challenged on court. It’s not like there’s anyone breathing down our necks to take our stuff away, but this ensures it will not happen.

I really hope my digestive issues clear up this spring. Barring any big Covid-19 outbreaks we’re going to have one hellofa time this year. Everybody is planning get togethers, we’ve even hosted one or two ourselves. Burning Man is back on, as are regional events. Friends are starting to visit friends. It’s an exciting time. I sure would love to be part of it.

That’s it for the immediate news. More soon!