Mind the Gap – May 2022

OMG, so many things have happened recently and I have not been keeping this blog up to date because of recent health challenges. Let’s talk about last month’s timeline.

The blog entry before this one was all about going back on chemo. Well, that has been suspended for now. Instead, it’s all been about my 3 liver abscesses. Yes, 3 of them. And yes, before you ask, I am taking massive amounts of antibiotics.

On Monday morning May 19, I was awake and had just gone to the bathroom when I fell to the floor and suddenly found that I could not get up. I asked Melissa to help me. I’m really fuzzy on the details after that because I passed out and was in and out of consciousness while she called friends and neighbors to pick me up, and carry me to the minivan. I don’t know whether I ever got on my feet during that time. I kinda doubt it.

Melissa drove me to Seattle and Virginia Mason Hospital for emergency admission. I have no recollection of Monday except for occasional glimpses of lucidity. I stayed in the hospital until that Friday, May 20. During that time I got a couple of endoscopy procedures to stent what we found out were 3 abscesses in my liver and was put on a very strong IV antibiotic.

My brain was really fuzzed. On Tuesday I struggled to remember the password for my phone, which was pretty scary. Emerging from the fuzz I was able to almost catalog all the cognitive gaps I had but only recognized them as each capability reestablished itself. I think I’m nearly “back to normal”, or at least close.

As it stands today June 5, I’m recovering at home, and have follow up procedures and appointments all throughout June. This coming Friday I get a CT scan and they’ll be checking whether I still need a drain coming out of one of those abscesses too. I hope we can eliminate it. Drains are a great big pain in the butt.