One of the Many Signs That I Am Lucky

I have a new bed set up in the family room so I can sty on the 1st floor while recovering. It lets me sit up in bed, which Melissa planted squarely in front of our 65″ 4K TV. That gives me super-good movies and a dandy 2nd monitor for the laptop. It also still shows the GeoChron, so this is a better configuration for a media center in this house.

Then last Friday the motors on the bed all stopped working. We bought retail just in case something like this would happen. It. It took the owner of the store 4 visits to resolve the issue and couldn’t get that done until day before yesterday, when he finally removed the unit and replaced it from a working copy from their store demo bed.

But that’s as good as it will get. I improvised for a week without the motors, and it revealed some of the lifestyle that the store owner had. I think he may have been fishing for excuses since he did not expect new parts to be defective. This was the 1st time this happened in “24 years of carrying the brand”. He was gobsmacked, and then double gobsmacked when it involved a defect. He carried this model as his only one because of its former reliability.

He shared some details about his situation as a store owner almost as if to head off some kind of anger I might have demonstrated as a customer. He had no way of knowing but he did not need to do this I wasn’t thrilled but I understood that he was doing his best.

Nevertheless I learned that he took home some $12K/year. He’s legally blind but can drive. He’s about my age, but has no real prep for retirement other than his social security, It is his only income after he sells the store.

This is a bleak prospect. I am so glad I do not need to deal with that. I may in the future but if I lose my sources then so will have another couple of hundred of million people so at least I have crowd cover.

But can Imagine owning a store like this instead. Its depressing. I can also see how many people are in this situation I can see what hundreds of millions of American middle class people. There are no solutions out there that don’t involve having to bolt them together with w few dozen others systematic changes that would need to also be fired up to support even just the first fix. Every change has already been pegged as controversial so the battle to fix something like inadequate income becomes impossible.

So for now all I can do is be aware of his issues and be grateful that I don’t have them myself.