OK, I’ve Had Enough

Last weekend I went back to the hospital again. This time we used 911 si we got transported to the old St. Jospeph’s Hospital which have just been renamed Virginia Mason Hospital,, Tacoma. Not quite as swank as VM Seattle but I’d say level of care is comparable.

Again with a high fever, weakness, general abdominal pain, etc. We recognize the signs early now. It happened 3 days after my Thursday chemo. This is the 4 time I’ve reinfected myself using chemo and I’m getting pretty tired of all this shit, so I’m discontinuing the chemo. As far as I’m concerned I am done with it. I want to quit the fight outside the infections. If it goes the way I think it will, I will recover from the weeks of antibiotics and get pretty strong again. This was when I used to resume chemo. Not this time.

If and when the cancer spreads I’m going on Hospice care and we’ll see if I last months or years.

So many details but this is what’s going to happen. Thought y’all would like to know!