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Wha…? Projects? Initiatives? Business Alignment?

Summary: Executive participation is required to make strategy-based initiatives happen successfully, and without it the strategy will be hobbled or blocked completely. In other words, you cannot be a hands off executive if you want to see your strategy succeed. Something that really caught my attention in the past has been the fast and loose […]

3rd Cycle, 3rd Infusion – December 13, 2018

Hello again. It’s a dark & grey Sunday with a spitting of rain nonstop. I am soaking in anti-nausea meds. I’m beginning to correlate this peak of bad feeling with the completion of my 46 hour long pumping of 5-fluorouracil. When that finishes is when the fun begins..for something like 8 days, gradually tapering off. […]

3rd Cycle, 2nd Infusion – November 29, 2018

Ohhhhh-kay, this chemo is definitely harder to like than the previous gemi-whatever kind I was on in cycles 1 & 2. At the same time I started this new chemo the intensity levels at work jacked up, requiring more facilitating than I’d needed to do earlier. No matter who you are, facilitating is a tough […]

3rd Cycle, 1st Infusion – November 15, 2018

OK, so Here we go on a new phase for my chemo treatments! This is the alternation that is the key for the research study I’m part of. This Thursday I had the first of 4 infusions over the next 8 weeks, of Nanaoliposomal Irinotecan with Leucovorin (reduced folinic acid) at my chair, and then […]

2nd Cycle, 3rd Infusion – November 1, 2018

Well that’s it for these last 2 cycles of chemo! I got my last infusion of this stuff on Thursday as usual, no surprises. My oncologist was happy to see me but confessed that he was not pleased that the Red Sox won the World Series this year. He’s an adamant Yankees fan, just like […]

It’s a Day or Two Later Now….

We just got home from the Environmental Portraiture seminar with Rick Dahms. I am really, really glad to have been able to participate in that. It was very useful and informative. Rick is cool, and our other 2 fellow participants were great to be with too. It wasn’t just technical information, although that in itself […]

2nd Cycle, 2nd Infusion – October 25, 2018

Today I’m writing from the hospital, waiting to get my infusion. I’m trying out a new bluetooth keyboard, which is infinitely superior to any virtual keyboard I’ve ever had to use. The other reason I’m writing now is because I forgot to tell you all that the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is having a walkathon […]