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Very Quick Update

I think the closest set of symptoms that describes what I’m experiencing is “POTS” (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) I’m not married to it but it describes most of my symptoms. Cannot stand up unsupported more than 10 minutes Exhausted by trivial things like walking to the top of the stairs. I can do it but […]

Maybe We’ll Know More On Monday

I had a “CT guided retroperitoneal biopsy” on Tuesday to try and get a handle on what is going on in my gut. As the doctor who was doing it told me, when consulting with my oncologist they could see “streaks” of bio-active areas in my PET scan which are suspicious so they correlated their […]

The Mystery Continues

Had my PET scan yesterday. Blood test showed another rise in my CA19-9 counter but not as steep as the last rise. The scan imaging showed a small glucose uptake going on at the former site of my pancreas, just where I had all that radiation aimed last year. At least it appears that my […]